• Got a Minor (or Major) Problem with your BMW or Mini Cooper?

    Saturday 19 November 2011

    Man is it hot!! The heat of summer takes its toll on our cars, much like it does on us. Almost every system in your Mini Cooper or BMW is working harder in this heat. We’re running the a/c full blast, temperatures climb while we are sitting in traffic, there is additional load on the electrical system and the engine is under more load. We see several failures during the summertime because of this; things like radiator fans, cooling system leaks or failures, a/c compressor failures, clutc... read more


    Friday 18 November 2011

    Your BMW’s cooling system is vital to maintaining proper engine temperature — it is also one of the most common failure points on modern BMWs. There are several parts of the cooling system that should be inspected regularly and replaced because of leaks or mileage. One such part is your water pump. Water pumps fail in two different ways; the plastic impellers slip on the metal shaft or the bearings fail. If the bearings fail the pulley usually breaks, the fan blades hit the radiato... read more

  • 2006-Up MX-5 Miata top Installation–Don’t try this at home.

    Thursday 17 November 2011

    Miata is a DIY car and over the years whenever the soft top has needed replacement; many owners have found it a task they can do themselves. This may not be the case with the 2006 and newer MX-5. Replacing the soft top on these cars requires the removal of many, many interior components. This is definitely not a task for the faint of heart. The replacement of the MX-5 top requires the removal of the center, console, side sills, rear storage compartment panel, hoop trim panels, b... read more

  • Miata Clutch Slave Cylinder - a small point of weakness

    Wednesday 16 November 2011

    Miatas are GREAT cars. And I do mean GREAT. Their owners know that there are very few problems that come along with Miata ownership; but there is one small weakness in the clutch slave. The Miata clutch slave will develop a leak over time and most people do not even know that it is there until it is inoperable. You can see the sign of a leak in the clutch master cylinder reservoir(container on the right in the first photo below); it will become low for no apparent reason and you... read more

  • Old Man Winter is just around the corner, is your Mini Cooper or BMW ready for winter?

    Tuesday 11 October 2011

    Winter time is tough on your car so here are some tips to make sure your car is ready for whatever Old Man Winter might dish out. Have your Antifreeze checked – Old or improperly mixed antifreeze can lead to icing conditions in your radiator or engine block during the winter. If you have not had a coolant flush in the past two years or you have been adding water to your cooling system (it happens) due to a slow leak, you might be especially at risk... read more

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